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Dealer Success Stories

DealerPick staff pages jump-start the customer salesperson relationship, and that leads to increased sales. I'm not sure if anyone ever looked at our old staff page, and only a salesperson would know if a prospect emailed them from the page. That’s changed with DealerPick because all contacts go into our CRM and we know prospects are asking for salespeople by name when they walk in.


The videos are fun for the team to do and customers love them. There’s no better way to start the sales process.

Howie Neftin


Neftin Westlake Mazda and Neftin Westlake Volksgagen



I have long said that the car business is the people business, and there is no better way to ensure a smooth sales process from start to finish than to match a prospect to a salesperson. Our DealerPick staff page lets a prospect choose the salesperson they feel comfortable with. With that kind of chemistry the rest is gravy.

                                                Scott Stanley

                                                General Manager

                                                Silver Star A.G. (Mercedes-Benz)



When prospects started coming in the showroom asking for me and acting like they knew me, I thought, wow this is nice! There is no better way to start a sale than to have a stranger feel comfortable with you because of a 15-second video.


Prospects who come from my DealerPick video are better than any lead I receive because it feels like it comes from a friend. I wish we could eliminate all blind leads.

                                                Cynthia Votava

                                                Internet Manager

                                                Neftin Westlake Mazda



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