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  • Michael Kessler

    Business Manager

    “I love working with products I love.”

    Michael Kessler

    Neftin Westlake Mazda

    About Me

    I’ve worked in the car business my whole life. Started at the bottom at Jiffy Lube and was managing two stores when I was 17. First worked at a dealer in Portland, where I grew up. Followed my parents to Las Vegas, where I got a job with Tobin Dodge, made famous in the TV show King of Cars. For the show the salespeople had to dress in, let’s say, “colorful costumes.” I was in charge of naming the characters and getting their costumes. Wild time.

    I love working with products I believe in. I look forward to working with you to help take care of financing as well as protect your investment.

    Specialties & Interests

    Enjoy getting out in the mountains with the family: Mt. Charleston, Camp Ponderosa in Zion, and other places.

    Wednesday nights I study acting and get to appear in short films.

    My wife is an animal rescuer (among other things). We have a cat named Mr. Whiskers. A Maine Coon that weighs almost 20 lbs. Very, very furry. Good things I got over my cat allergy.